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Earrings have enjoyed enduring popularity for hundreds of years. This traditional form of piercing attracts both men and women, regardless of age, profession or preference. The choice of earrings depends not only on the type of material, but also on the method of ear piercing.

Is every method of ear piercing good?

As the popularity of this form of body adornment grew, a variety of ear piercing methods developed. The most commonly used method, in addition to standrad lobe, is helix, tragus. If you do not have time to think about the various options, this subtle method will be most appropriate for you.

As you delve deeper into the ins and outs of piercing, less popular piercings are also emerging. One of them is industrial i orbital, which you can bet on when you have the courage to pierce two holes at the same time, and between them put a striking earring in the upper part of the ear. An interesting way is daith, for which, however, it is necessary to have a fold over the ear canal with a strong structure. In addition, it is possible to distinguish inner and conch, which involve piercing the center of the auricle.

What earrings select?

Each of the hundreds of models features an individual color, motif, shape, and material. In our store you will find earrings of the type labret in all the colors of the rainbow, the appearance of which resembles a rod ending on one side with a flat disk. Banana is, on the other hand, intended for amateurs of unconventional piercing - its characteristic appearance resembles the shape of this fruit.

The last type of decoration is the clicker, which is the answer to the needs of people who value comfort and convenience. Acrylic, bioFlex, bioPlast, surgical steel or titanium - our earrings have been carefully crafted from the right materials. In addition to their visual appeal, they also have another advantage - you will be able to adjust your individual size and enjoy a lot of freedom on a daily basis!

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Szybka realizacja, produkt zgodny z opisem, nakrętki do kolczyków przepiękne :)