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D-ring nose piercings

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D-ring earrings for nose piercing lovers

D-ring, is, as the name suggests, an earring that with its shape resembles an open letter D, but is meant to imitate the shape of a circle. It is made of a straight rod that has been terminated with a disk and an arched part. The straight piece when worn is in the piercing channel, while the circle comes outwards. D-ring is the earrings that nostril piercing lovers and enthusiasts opt for. Importantly, you can opt for them immediately after the nose piercing, thanks to the presence of a simple rod. This type of jewelry is easy to wear. Insert the earring from the center of the nose, so that the disk stops on the inner surface of the nose. The rounded part should be fully visible.

D-ring nose piercing for beginners and beyond

In our offer you can find models made of durable surgical steel and titanium. D-ring nose piercings from our store are an excellent choice for anyone who cares about the long life of ornaments. Jewelry occurs m.in. in shades of silver, gold and black. Its minimalist character will undoubtedly appeal to those who prefer simplicity and subtlety of accessories. The D-ring earring is available in various sizes.

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