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Nose piercings

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Nose piercings

One of the most common types of facial adornment is nose piercing. Nose piercings were chosen as early as ancient times and are still very popular today. This type of decoration can be small and subtle or very distinctive and striking. Which one we choose depends on our individual preferences.

Types of earrings

Nose piercings they can take various forms, The most common nose piercings are nostril, which is the piercing of the nasal lobe from the right or left side. The type and shape of the earring can be chosen according to your preference from a small ball to, for example circle. Piercing is becoming increasingly popular septum, involving the piercing of the nasal septum, which usually takes the form of a circle or horseshoes. There's also Bridge Piercing - piercing above the nose, between the eyes.

Another well-known type of earring is the labret resembling a rod onto which a ball or cone can be screwed. Also popular is the clicker or continuous, taking the form of a circle, which can be used to septum or nostril.

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