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Implant Earrings

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At Crazy Needles studio we perform classical piercing and microdermals. Implant earrings are becoming increasingly popular among our customers. Implant earrings, the so-called microdermals, in fact, have many advantages. Anchor - anchor should be made of surgical titanium. The base which is under the skin can have different shapes.

Implant earrings - material of manufacture

Implant earring is a model for the production of which high-quality surgical titanium is used. This unique material, unlike other materials, does not cause sensitization reactions in people with nickel allergies. .

Implant earrings - a nice universal color scheme

The implant earring usually has a thread thickness of 1.6 mm. Anchors are usually dark silver in color (this is the shade of surgical titanium), but the choice of cap is already arbitrary - here our imagination can work.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Really nice pieces and the team has been supportive with shipping.
Kolczyki jak najbardziej w porządku :) Trochę był problem z płatnością ale po wysłaniu maila otrzymałam pomoc w tej sprawie :)