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Barbell Earrings

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In the CrazyNeedles store you will find classic barbells in several color variations ended with balls and various types with decorations. Decorative earrings consist of a ball, a rod and a decorative part, which can be, for example, zirconia or a nut heavily decorated with crystals or an interesting shape. Earrings of this type can be worn for piercings in the ear (such as helix, industrial, lobe, etc.).), tongue, nipple and other parts of the body. We wanted our offer to be tailored for customers who are just beginning their adventure with piercing, as well as for those already familiar with the subject (such as piercers). As a store, we focus on the high quality of our jewelry.

Barbell earrings for the ear in a variety of ways

Ear barbs - this type of ear piercing can be inserted into the lobe of the ear (lobe, upper lobe), as well as into the cartilage (e.g., helix, industrial).Different variants of earrings are available in our CrazyNeedles store. For classic barbells, we offer several color variants and different ball lengths and diameters. Another issue is the earrings finished with an ornament, we offer many models and shapes, they can be with zirconia, crystals, in the shape of, for example, a heart, a snake and many others. Most of the barbells we offer are made of 316L surgical steel and brass, but you will also find titanium earrings. Titanium is the safest metal used for a long time in the world of piercing.

Huge selection of tongue barbells

A large part of the assortment is occupied in our store CrazyNeedles tongue barbells, here you can choose in different sizes and in different color variants (metallic, matte, transparent). In addition to classic earrings, we also offer you models of decorative barbells ( heavily decorated with crystals, with zirconia and in various shapes, for example, heart, tablet). The choice is large!! In terms of earring materials, you'll find tongue barbs made of surgical titanium, surgical steel, aryl, BioFlex, BioPlast. If you are looking for high-quality piercing barbells, we invite you to browse this category. At CrazyNeedles store we are waiting just for you!

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Really nice pieces and the team has been supportive with shipping.
bardzo szybka wysyłka, dziękuję :)