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Tongue piercings

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Tongue piercings

The growing popularity of tongue piercings makes amateurs of this type of piercing are increasingly appearing in salons that provide such services. Due to the very delicate and bacteriogenic environment. where the piercing is done, however, special care must be taken to ensure hygiene and proper execution of the procedure. Therefore, the choice of a professional service about the appropriate earring for this purpose are issues of absolute priority.

Tongue piercing - professional and safe execution

The first step is to choose the right salon, or more precisely, a piercer. Safe treatment standard tongue also involves choosing the right place piercing and bypassing sensitive blood vessels. The procedure itself is quick, with the question of how it feels depending on the individual's pain threshold. Equally important, as well as the professional performance of the piercing, is the subsequent care, which will help avoid adverse symptoms and infections. Healing time is quite short 2-3 weeks.

What first tongue piercings to choose?

Aesthetic considerations are the final and ultimate effect of the procedure. However, in order to enjoy a professionally performed piercing, it is necessary to choose the right one for this purpose tongue piercing. Initially, due to the swelling that occurs, a greater than standard length is recommended, e.g. 18, 20 mm.

Which tongue piercings to choose next?

Selection tongue piercings depends on individual preferences. After all, such jewelry is an original decoration, as well as a unique expression of personality. Hence the wide, in terms of color or design, choice of tongue earrings e.g acrylic. The most popular type comes in the form of barbell, made of surgical steel, on which two balls are screwed (they can be steel, acrylic, titanium, etc.).), stars, ovals and other shaped ornaments.

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