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Nose piercings - Septum

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Earrings for the septum

Septum is one of the most popular types of piercing, simple to perform, heals fairly quickly, and has been known for thousands of years. This distinctive piercing looks great when you wear the right earring. Here the choice is clear, it will be a horseshoe or a wheel - there is no other option, especially at the stage of healing of the hole.

Fortunately, this does not limit the offer of our store, in it septum earrings with different decorations, each model is slightly different, some simple and elegant, others with zircons, pendants and other stones. The Crazy Needles store is sure to have a copy for everyone.

Septum piercing earrings are most often made of titanium, many of the offerings were also created from surgical steel. These two materials are a guarantee of the highest quality and, above all, safety. Containing no allergenic nickel, the earrings can successfully appeal to recipients of all ages.

In the case of models with ornaments, a common addition is brass, which, however, is not in contact with the piercing. One hundred percent safe for the skin, and really durable - you can wear them for many years, and they will remain perfectly smooth and beautifully polished.

Unusual septum earrings - offer of CrazyNeedles store

Septum earrings are associated, of course, with wheels and horseshoes, these are the two options best to bet on this part of the nose. However, this does not mean that the creators did not decide to create extremely imaginative designs and additions to these two figures, resulting in often strongly different beautiful earrings for everyone! Our offer largely focuses on clicker proposals, very easy to set up and take down.

In terms of design, we rely on a very simple in design, traditional septum piercing. Price, when it goes up, the possibilities of our customers also grow, so there is no shortage of proposals with beautiful zircons, stones in different colors, or horseshoes with unusual caps. We are sure that each of our customers will find something for themselves, we invite you to purchase, and if you have any questions, please contact us!

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