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Banana Earrings

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Body piercing is a procedure that should not be performed at home alone. This is because it could risk serious health problems. If you are planning to undergo a piercing procedure, use a professional company such as Crazy Needles.

Our piercers are highly qualified, experienced specialists. They often use banana earrings to perform the procedures. Various models are suitable for decorating different parts of the body. It does not necessarily have to be exposed parts, such ears or lips. Banana earrings can also be used to pierce veiled areas of the body, such as intimate places.

Banana earrings - high quality models for everyone

At Crazy Needles, we provide customers with various models of ornaments for piercing. A professional piercer in our salon will advise you on the right size so that the banana earring will properly fit the healed piercing. Banana piercing earrings are available in a variety of colors. We also have bananas that are more ornate, with premium zirconia as well as regular zirconia, crystals, and even PVD-coated 24k gold. Here you will find bananas made of surgical titanium, 316L surgical steel, BioPlast, etc.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Really nice pieces and the team has been supportive with shipping.
Kolczyki jak najbardziej w porządku :) Trochę był problem z płatnością ale po wysłaniu maila otrzymałam pomoc w tej sprawie :)