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Plug Earrings

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You already have tunnels and are wondering what else you can put on ? Ideal for plug earrings. In our Crazy Needles store you will find many models in different color variations and shapes. We offer for you plugs in many variants.

Plugs - material of construction

Available with us Slugs are made of a variety of materials, such as acrylic, wood, glass, 316L surgical steel, silicone.

Most plough-type earrings are unscrewable models. This makes their placement in the ears, for example) very easy. The smooth surface of these products ensures that the skin is not irritated or reddened. Wooden and glass jewelry is distinguished by its remarkable design. Silicone plug earrings due to their fleshy color, they are not very visible to an outside observer. A relatively common option is the following Plugs made of 316L surgical steel, while in the summer and winter a good choice are wooden plugs.

Size and color of plug earrings

Used to perform piercing in our studio Plug earrings vary in size. Plug diameter starts at 1.6 mm and ends at 30 mm. . If you're just getting started with tunnels, remember to start with ear strippers.

We have a wide range of color plug earrings for sale. jewelry models with their shape refer to various symbolic motifs, for example, mandala, steel horseshoe or insignia of death. You can decide for yourself what you want to wear, whether it's a classic plug, decorative or maybe something crazier.

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