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High quality piercing tools - check out our assortment

Whether you're a piercing enthusiast or lover who wants to complete the necessary accessories to use in your studio, you'll find all the necessary items in our offerings. Having the right equipment is essential if you want body modification to be safe and, above all, effective. All of the piercing tools available in our offer are made of high-quality materials, making their use comfortable and extremely easy. What exactly can be found in this category? We provide needles, forceps, tweezers, etc.

Additional products available in the store

We also offer disposable biopsy needles, which are successfully suitable for professional use. Appropriate profiling guarantees safe and ergonomic work. In addition, there is a wide range of forceps, made of different materials. We provide acrylic, disposable, and reusable versions of high-alloy surgical steel forceps. Other piercing tools include steel pins designed for push-in earrings and versions for female threaded rods. These types of accessories are also sold in different sizes. The range also includes a protective silicone plate made of medical grade silicone, and o-RINGS.

Piercing hygiene - what you can find in our offer?

The absolute basis during piercing is sterile surgical gloves. As the name implies, they are used not only during this type of surgery, but also for operations. The products available in our offer are adequately durable, flexible and therefore easy to put on. Due to their special structure, they provide a firm grip and full control of the tools. In order to keep the hygiene of the piercing at the highest possible level, disposable gauze pads for disinfecting the skin will also be necessary. Exemplars that are in our assortment contain as much as 70% isopropyl alcohol. In addition, there are special emulsions for tattoo care, which accelerate the regeneration of damaged skin.

Earring packaging - take care of the appearance of the gift

We offer boxes in different sizes, so you can easily fit them to your needs and how you want to display your jewelry. The packaging for the earrings is made of durable material in a classic black color. On top was a delicate logo of our store in a white shade, which made for an interesting contrast. The boxes we offer will work well not only as packaging for a gift. Due to their careful and aesthetic workmanship, they can be used to store jewelry. This way you won't have to worry about accidentally losing your earrings or damaging them. Soft lining ensures that the contents are 100% safe.

Sterile piercing needles - what you can find in our store?

The range includes disposable, sterile needles, which, thanks to their sealed and robust packaging, have been effectively protected from any damage and microorganisms. We offer venflon piercing needles, which are distinguished by their convenient and easy use. The range also includes biopsy needles, distinguished by their uniform sharp edge. Thanks to the corrugated handle, the tool lies stably in the hand, ensuring a high level of safety.

Cosmetics for tattoo care

The tattoo care cosmetics available at the piercing studio cover the skin with a special protective layer that effectively moisturizes and lubricates the epidermis. Regular use of such preparations accelerates the regeneration process of damaged skin. It also provides it with all the necessary nutrients. Tattoo care specifics reduce itching sensation. They are also distinguished by their ease of use. The skin is immediately covered with a protective coating, protecting the outer layers from excessive water loss.

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Kolczyki jak najbardziej w porządku :) Trochę był problem z płatnością ale po wysłaniu maila otrzymałam pomoc w tej sprawie :)