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Earring caps - create the jewelry of your dreams

The ability to freely change the look of the earrings allows you to experiment with accessories, matching them with your styling, other jewelry pieces, as well as your mood. The stylish nuts found in this category are available at an attractive price, so that each person can create his own unique collection. The pieces we offer are suitable for different types of earrings. One of the most popular options are labret versions. They are shaped like a rod, which on one side is terminated by a flat disk. The jewelry should be inserted from the back of the piercing, with the ornamental cap in front.

Another option is barbells. In this case, you already need two earring caps, which we put on both sides. We do the same with banana-type models, which differ from the barbell by a slightly arched shape. Products included in the first group are most commonly used for lobe piercing, helix, conch, industrial, and tongue piercing. Bow-shaped exemplars work well for navel piercing, piercing forward helix, brew, rook and snug. Both barbells and bananas are furthermore suitable for nipple piercing.

Stylish earring cap - find your favorite model

We also offer caps designed for microdermal piercings, which are becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to their high comfort of use and safe nature. Moreover, the piercing is less painful and heals relatively quickly.

Each earring cap is distinguished by its aesthetic character. The range includes products made of surgical steel and titanium, as well as 18 karat gold. Many pieces have been decorated with stylish zirconia in different color versions or synthetic stone. In addition, we offer delicate models in a minimalist design, in the shape of a small disk or ball. We provide a wide range of sizes. The exact dimensions of each nut are given in the detailed description of each product.

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