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Continuous / bifurcated

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Purchase high quality earrings at a very low price? Contrary to appearances, this is possible if you decide to take advantage of the offer of the Crazy Needles piercing studio that we run. Waiting for you here are tasteful and comfortable Continuous earrings. Special expandable products feature easy on and off. Their undoubted advantage is also an original design. In addition to the classic circles, you will also find shapes such as heart or star, etc. Continuous earring can also be in the form of a circle on which will be additionally fixed decoration, for example, in the shape of a leaf or a feather, zirconia.

Continuous earrings - material of manufacture

Our store offers high quality Continuous models made of materials such as surgical titanium, 316L surgical steel, brass.

Each of these products is distinguished by its attractive design. Continuous earring worn in a prominent place on the body, such as in the ear, is a great complement to the chosen styling. However, it is necessary to remember to protect brass products from moisture as much as possible.

This is because it is a raw material prone to corrosion and discoloration. Importantly, Continuous earrings made of brass and 316L surgical steel are inadvisable for people with nickel allergies. In their case, jewelry made of titanium G23 works best.

Continuous earrings - a variety of sizes, a wealth of colors

Most Continuous earring models have a wide range of sizes. Nevertheless, this jewelry is also perfectly visible from afar thanks to its interesting, striking colors. There are not only silver or gold models to choose from. Products with a variety of colors can be easily matched to your taste. Continuous earring is suitable for insertion over healed ear piercing, nose piercing, etc. e

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