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Intimate piercing

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Intimate earrings

Piercing of intimate places is certainly intriguing. People who opt for intimate piercings, are brave and confident. It is especially for them that we have created a unique range of jewelry for intimate places. Intimate earrings - decide on?
Not only do intimate piercings differ, but also the ways in which they are placed in intimate areas. Women often choose to have their pubic sockets and clitoris pierced. One type of piercing is christina - earrings are then placed vertically on the pubic crest. The choice of intimate area piercings should be determined not only by appearance, but also by safety and comfort. Therefore, it is worth choosing standard forms - intimate earrings made of titanium or surgical steel, straight or curved barbell. In the case of horizontal piercing, you can choose wheels with a ball. Decorative earrings, with spikes or pendants, are great for occasional jewelry.
Original nipple earrings

The most popular place for intimate piercing is the nipples. Wearing jewelry here was known as far back as ancient Rome. Such ornaments were worn by both warriors and women. It is a beautiful decoration that in some cases also improves the sexual experience. People who opt for nipple piercing, can choose from standard nipple earrings in surgical steel with a rod diameter of 1.2 mm or 1.6 mm. Nipple earrings may take various forms. A simple barbell can be decorated with literally any decoration: crystals, zircons, hearts, mandalas, skulls, flowers, wings, or even custom elements such as a sword, arrow, gun or skeleton. Such jewelry is a secret that only a few discover and admire. It is an ornament ideal for both men and women. It is an expression of courage, self-confidence and an opportunity to impressively highlight the beauty of any part of the body.

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