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Clicker earrings

For professional piercing, high-quality earrings are usually used, which are distinguished by their remarkable design and the ability to be easily applied. Highly skilled, experienced piercers also sometimes use clicker piercings during their piercing procedures.

These are round-shaped ornaments, the most important advantage of which is the ease of opening. Clicker earring has no pull-out part. It also doesn't need to be stretched out. To open the model, just put it through the puncture channel and close it. Clicker is distinguished by its versatility of application. It is used for healed piercing of various parts of the body, nose (septum, nostril), lips, eyebrows, ear (e.g., helix, daith, conch), etc.

Clickers - various models, top quality workmanship

At Crazy Needles, our main goal is to strive to meet the expectations of our customers. Therefore, we give them the opportunity to use different piercing earrings. Individual models may vary in color. You will decide for yourself whether the selected clicker earring will be white, black, bronze, silver or gold. The ornaments are also available in a variety of sizes.
Most of the clicker earrings in our store are made of high quality titanium and 316L surgical steel.

All models are characterized by the highest quality workmanship. Titanium products are most commonly used for people with nickel allergies.

Segmented earrings

You have a healed piercing and the moment has finally arrived when you can replace the earring? Then the segment circle earring may be the perfect solution for you. At the same time, you must remember that this kind of piercing is difficult to put on yourself, it is best to go with it to an experienced piercer. Don't know what earrings to choose for a healed piercing? A segmented circle earring works well in many situations. In Piercing, segment type circles are put on healed conch, helix, lobe type piercings, to the nose such as Septum or to the lips, etc.

Segment earrings - various models at your fingertips

We are committed to ensuring that customers using Crazy Needles are as satisfied as possible with their level of service. Therefore, in our offer there are various models of such earrings, such as the segment circle. Depending on your individual Piercing preferences, you have a choice of segment circle earring in many color variants.

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