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Simple nose piercings - go for minimalism

Classic straight nose piercing earrings are an excellent choice for anyone who cares about subtle and delicate accessories. This attractive and fashionable jewelry allows you to emphasize your individual style, being one of the forms of expressing your personality. The products available in this category are designed to be placed in the nostril of the nose.This is one of the most popular body decoration options. Each piece was finished with a small ball or colored zirconia, so finding the version that suits us is no problem at all. The models in this category are a good choice for both novices and those who have already had a piercing procedure.

What distinguishes a simple earring from our offer?

The jewelry available in the store is made of high quality surgical steel and surgical titanium. The models in our offer come in different sizes. We offer both long straight earrings and shorter versions. In addition, we provide a wide selection of colors. The assortment includes gold copies, silver, black and navy blue copies. Fans and lovers of piercing are also free to choose the shade of zirconia. We provide attractive prices and long life of jewelry.

Twisted earrings - shape and size

Our offer is constantly expanding with a variety of pygmies - twisted earrings that can be successfully worn by both men and women of all ages. Most ornaments are in the shape of a slightly curved arch. This allows them to be placed on the side of the nose with relative ease. A standard pygmy -turned nose piercing consists of a rod and a tiny ball or zirconia of various diameters located at the top. The length of the rod usually varies from 6 to 8 mm.

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