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Fake | Fraudulent earring

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Fake earrings - fake earrings / Fake piercing

An increasingly popular form of enhancing individual style is fake piercing.So-called. fraudulent earring imitates real tapers, plugs, spirals, earmuffs and nose or ear piercings.

Fake piercing

Everyone wants to look good, stand out from the crowd with something, emphasize their individual style - but they can't always make a real earring in the place they dream of. Fake taper, fraudulent nose piercing whether earmuffs without piercing is a jewelry that not only guarantees an original and beautiful decoration. These are the elements that give you the opportunity to get used to the earring and gradually mature to decide on the real piercing of the chosen body part.Sometimes fake piercing results from the fact that the body does not react well to piercings - despite proper hygiene, infections, long healing process and other such problems occur. If the body does not allow for a real piercing, then the only solution is to buy a a fake earring.

Earrings without piercing

True piercing enthusiasts may object to this form of body adornment, but any earring without piercing, fake plug, septum, spirals and other pieces of jewelry allow you to achieve a close-to-real effect in a quick, painless and non-invasive way. Deceived plusses do not require a widened hole, and to wear some earrings you do not need a piercing at all. Cheated earrings can be purchased in various forms, sizes, designs and colors. You can get earrings made of brass or 316L surgical steel. Lovers of classic solutions will certainly like standard hoops, while those who would like to spice up their style a bit can choose from decorative earrings with zircons, mandala motif or skull pattern.

It's the perfect way to add an original and eye-catching piece of jewelry to your style. Time to stand out from the crowd! It's time to show a look that impresses! Time for fake piercing , which you will certainly not regret!

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Really nice pieces and the team has been supportive with shipping.
Szybka realizacja, produkt zgodny z opisem, nakrętki do kolczyków przepiękne :)