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Ear candling

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Tunnels and ear plugs

A popular and also original type of earrings are tunnels and ear plugs. Wearing them initially requires piercing and then widening the opening in the ear. Piercing in this form was pioneered by African and South American tribes. Tunnels were ornaments representing a sign of belonging to a particular tribe. Nowadays, they are a part of alternative fashion and a marker of one's style. Which ear tunnels to choose?

Steel tunnels is placed in the lobe of the ear, an area where there is no cartilage. This part is extremely flexible and gives a wide range of possibilities for displaying jewelry. Wanting to aesthetically present this type of earring, it is first important to properly stretch the ear. Special spirals and spacers are used for this purpose. In the first phase, the size of the earring is usually 1.6 mm, so in the beginning it is advisable to choose jewelry in such dimensions. Gradually it will be possible to increase them. However, it is necessary to remember the appropriate gaps between the larger size of the tunnel. It is good practice to increase the size of the tunnel by one millimeter for each month. This method helps to safely stretch the tunnel without the risk of creating an unsightly blow-out.

Original ear plugs

Tunnels is characterized primarily by the fact that they have a hollow space inside, exposing the hole in the earlobe. It is also possible to aesthetically fill this hole. With the help of ear plugs. Nearly infinite room for choice allows for original presentation of earlobe jewelry. You can opt for classic elements, fashionable mandala, acrylic plugs with a flower motif, as well as those that show characteristic elements of the animal world - such as the ears and whiskers of a cat, the body of a snake, the wings of a bird and many others.You can even opt for a flesh-colored ear plug, which is one of the most versatile and popular pieces of jewelry.In the store you can choose from jewelry made of acrylic, wood, stone, brass, silicone, glass and surgical steel in sizes from 1.6 mm to 36 mm. It is also possible to choose from interesting weights and decorative pendants.

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