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Navel piercing

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Navel earrings

Navel piercing standard navel is nowadays one of the most popular types of piercing, although its history dates back to ancient times. However, before you decide on such an ornament, choose a professional piercing salon that will ensure you the safety of the procedure, as well as take care of the hygiene of the piercing.

Proper care

The healing process of a navel piercing takes a relatively long time due to the thickness of the pierced skin and, most importantly, the constant movement and close contact with clothing. Therefore, it is important in this case to take special care to maintain hygiene and regular care.

Types of piercing

The most popular piercings are those of the standard type navel i navel ring. The first involves a vertical piercing on the center of the navel, where a banana-type earring with two balls on top and bottom is used, while the second involves the lower or upper part of the navel. In this case, BCR type rings are used. Less popular, but used increasingly, is the piercing type surface navel.

Choosing an earring

The first earring is usually banana-type jewelry, whose shape and light weight promote a rapid healing process. Therefore, it is recommended that wearing a different type of navel earrings postpone until the wound has completely healed. The choice of available jewelry, on the other hand, is huge - both in terms of materials and colors, shapes and designs. Even in case of pregnancy, it is not always necessary to remove the earring. However, it is then advisable to navel piercings dedicated to pregnant women.

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