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Surgical titanium earrings

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Titanium earrings - first and foremost, safety

Titanium earrings for body piercing are considered one of the safest, this is confirmed by the fact that the alloy is used in ophthalmology, or during the manufacture of implants. However, safety is not the only advantage of earrings created from this metal alloy, as it is worth mentioning here the very light weight and high strength of titanium structures.

All these are features that make this type of earrings very popular with many customers, especially works well for people with new piercings. Titanium is known for its hypoallergenic properties and does not contain harmful nickel! G23 titanium earrings are available in the traditional silver version, but also in black or gold colors.

Titanium earrings - versatile use

Choosing titanium earrings available at CrazyNeedles online store, you can be sure that choosing one of the solutions to suit your requirements, expectations and financial capabilities will be extremely easy.

We provide earrings in the form of labrets, which will be found in the lip or tongue, we also have no shortage of titanium clickers with a round shape, ideal for the septum. We decided to introduce titanium earrings for intimate places to the CrazyNeedles store, as well as a huge selection of caps made of this material, often fitted with an additional colored stone, among other opal.

Titanium labrets, horseshoes, wheels - not the end of the possibilities!

The offer of CrazyNeedles store includes ideas titanium earrings in various versions, as we have managed to write about, but it is worth noting that this also applies to decorations. Hence the offer of labrets finished in various colors, including gold or traditional silver, all decorated with opal or zirconia. In the case of clickers, there is no lack of ornamentation either, the most popular solution is again zircons.

Of course, for fans of simplicity and elegance we have also prepared some interesting proposals, they can be found in horseshoes, but also intimate earrings. Our offer is aimed at fans of piercing in general, regardless of tastes or age! We invite you to place orders, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Really nice pieces and the team has been supportive with shipping.
Szybka realizacja, produkt zgodny z opisem, nakrętki do kolczyków przepiękne :)