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Industrial piercing earrings

Industrial piercing is a popular piercing of the two cartilages of the ear, which is most often performed above the ear hole, has been known for years, and gained popularity in the second half of the 20th century.

It presents itself extraordinarily magnificent, the main credit for this goes to the industrial earrings, which most often come in the version of a barbell - a popular name for this type of earring is industrial bar, which perfectly reflects the shape and finish of this element. Long design earring in the ear industrial, because it is up to 38 millimeters, makes the possibilities of decoration really many, and this affects the size of the offer in our online store Crazy Needles!

A huge selection of industrial earrings, so we are sure that everyone will find in us a copy tailored to individual needs, requirements and tastes. Moreover, we are also sure that each of our customers will be able to afford one of the earrings - their prices are not exorbitant, on the contrary, very attractive.

All this translates into the ability to find the perfect earring to adorn the ear of men and women of all ages. Of course, we care about the complete safety of the products available in the CrazyNeedles store. Therefore, each industrial earring was made of non-allergenic materials, including surgical steel or G23 titanium.

Industrial earrings in different version

Wanting to meet the expectations of all, we have prepared dozens of proposals that differ in color and shape. The barbells are straight, often also slightly curved in the middle part of their design, there is no shortage of models in the Twister version! Each piece captivates with its beauty, unique decoration and interesting caps.

In the Crazy Needles store there is no shortage of caps in the shape of traditional balls or spearheads, there are also arrows, which in the case of earrings in the ear industrial are very popular and keys. The nuts are located on one side and the other side of the barbell, but sometimes they are also mounted in the middle - the greater the number of decorations, the better!

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